Welcome to Hotchkiss Performance - ECU remapping and performance parts specialists

Welcome to Hotchkiss performance - ECU Remapping and performance parts specialist

We are Hotchkiss Performance. Distributors of automotive performance accessories and Vehicle Aesthetics Specialists.

We dedicate our time to offer you only the best in performance products and high quality services.

The Brand

Distributing only the best brands in the automotive marketplace. With this in mind, you can have confidence that anything you purchase from us will be of the highest quality. We dedicate ourselves to supporting each and every one of you, whether you’re simply looking for brake pads or are planning to build a competition winning vehicle, we want to help.

Our Mission

To incorporate everything we have spent years researching and learning, to then apply this knowledge to give you the best experience possible, whether purchasing anything we supply or using our services.

Our Story

It all started around 2008 in Yorkshire. A father and son who were both perfectionists (or so we were told…) brought home a Kawasaki Ninja. We put the kettle on and from this point we knew our goal. We wanted to build something special.

We made a list of everything we wanted to do, from meticulous cleaning to custom paint, full exhaust systems to the smallest accessory, we wanted to make it our own. We quickly learned this took blood, sweat and… well perhaps a bit extreme, but it took time, effort and patience.

We soon realised there was nowhere we could take it, to hand our list over the counter and ask the question “Can you build this for us?” We had to contact different companies, both local and overseas, having to wait weeks for deliveries to arrive, spending hours sourcing uncommon items and then having to purchase tools just to fit everything! This is when the idea of Hotchkiss Performance first appeared.

Currently we operate as an online based company only while offering vehicle detailing in the North Sheffield area. However our goal is a retail outlet meeting you all face to face, explaining products, offering fitting services, and making tea!
We may not be there yet, but we are always working towards our goal, so that one day you can sit down with us, with that all important Yorkshire brew, you hand us your wish list, and you can say “Build me this.”

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We’ll put the kettle on.
Joshua and Nigel Hotchkiss

(The Kawasaki still isn’t finished…)

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