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Please Note: Due to the Bespoke nature of Exedy Racing products, there is no vehicle application list available, therefore please contact us directly for product application

About Exedy Racing

Motorsport, Driving Innovation

At EXEDY the world of motorsport forms a key aspect in their Kaizen philosophy; their desire for continuous improvement and to innovate towards superior automotive technology.

EXEDY's involvement in motorsport dates back to the 1960's following requests from Japanese vehicle manufacturers to develop performance racing clutch kits. This resulted in the development of the first EXEDY cerametallic racing clutch. More recently, EXEDY's racing clutch achievements include Formula 1 victory, Moto GP championships, and a host of other plaudits across the world of motorsport.

EXEDY's mission of 'enhanced performance and driveability' ensures that we are able to use any developments innovated through motorsport to enhance clutch technology in everyday road going vehicles.

The EXEDY Racing Clutch product range is available for a variety of driving disciplines, from lightly modified road going cars to purpose driven motorsport vehicles.