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Pagid Racing Products Now Available!



Please Note: Due to the Bespoke nature of Pagid Racing products, there is no vehicle application list available, therefore please contact us directly for product application

About Pagid Racing

Motorsport and High Performance Brake Products

As a member of the TMD Friction Group, TMD Performance GmbH is the manufacturer of Pagid RS racing and high performance brake pads. Their brake pads are designed to produce the highest possible performance levels over a wide range of operating conditions, and are available in many different material formulations. They fit most popular racing and high performance calipers and also may be fitted as an upgrade to many standard calipers for high performance cars.

In addition, Pagid RS brake pads are fitted as original equipment to some of the most prestigious and powerful production cars in the world including Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. With their research facility in Leverkusen, manufacturing in Essen and technical service in Friedrichsdorf, we are capable of developing and manufacturing brake friction solutions according to customer specification in a short time.

TMD Friction produces over 1 million products every day, many of which are bespoke aftermarket solutions for a range of vehicles. By manufacturing their aftermarket friction products with the highest quality raw materials, this ensures rigorous quality standards are met for worldwide distribution.

Their products continue to be the driving force in the aftermarket sector. With over 100 years experience, knowledge and research, TMD Friction remains a global leader in aftermarket solutions for a wide range of vehicles.

Past, present and future
Over a hundred years in the business have seen us grow and prosper, becoming the world’s leading supplier of brake friction. Our continued success is based on providing technical excellence, consistent, quality and constant innovation through intensive R&D investment.
Local solutions from a global brand
Mintex create bespoke friction products for vehicles worldwide, providing the most effective and appropriate solutions for each vehicle. They produce over 1 million products every day, servicing the Original Equipment and aftermarket sectors. By manufacturing products from scratch at sites spanning four continents, they can ensure their rigorous quality standards are upheld and local requirements are met the world over.
Tomorrow’s solutions developed today
Developing and refining products to improve performance for quieter, smoother, more efficient and environmentally responsible braking is a continuous process. Mintex invest more than €25 million each year to ensure they not only meet the demands of today, but pioneer the technology that will be needed for tomorrow.