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  • Performance Tuning

    Hotchkiss Performance are specialists in vehicle performance tuning. All our maps are developed on a 3000bhp four wheel drive rolling road. We can offer you expert ecu remapping to fully unlock your vehicle's true potential and performance and we can tailor our remapping to any modifications you have on your vehicle, no remap is the same, each and every ecu remap is tailored to the customers' tuning requirements

  • Economy Tuning

    Hotchkiss Performance don't just focus on power and performance. We understand that fuel economy is just as important as performance and by ECU remapping your vehicle using our industry developed and tested blueOptimise maps, you not only benefit from a smoother drive and reduced CO2 emissions but can also gain up to a 20% saving on your fuel costs. People who are already benefitting from blueOptimise include major utility companies and supermarket chains.

  • Fleet Tuning

    Hotchkiss Performance can not only help individual drivers, but also benefit business operators. Whether you manage a single vehicle or a fleet of 25,000 vehicles, with our expertise in economy ecu remapping we are able to remap your fleet vehicles to save on your fuel costs. Up to 30% savings have been proven through independent testing and case studies for large company fleets. We offer trial periods for your company so you can truly test and see for yourself the potential savings. Case studies are available on request.

  • Direct Shift Gearbox tuning (DSG Tuning)

    Leading Manufacturers are having Direct Shift Gearboxes (DSG) factory fitted to their vehicles as they offer a more integrated feel to the driving experience. Hotchkiss Performance can remap the ECU software that controls the DSG for a much quicker and smoother shift offering a more direct feel to the driver. Each file can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give you the ultimate driving experience.

  • V-Switch

    Would you like to remap your own vehicle? V-Switch allows you to do just that! Hotchkiss Performance supply a market leading standalone tuning tool, allowing you to switch between up to 3 ECU maps. Going on a Track day event over the weekend and then driving to your favourite European holiday destination? Hotchkiss Performance V-Switch allows you to remap your vehicle for maximum power on your track day, and then remap your ECU for maximum economy for your European trip. No matter what the situation, V-Switch allows the user to access variable maps any time, all by yourself.

  • V-Box

    Hotchkiss Performance can supply you with a tuning V-Box that has a 'Plug and Play' element and is easy to install and can be removed at any time. It offers the same ECU tuning software as a bespoke ECU remap, without the need to tune the vehicle directly through the ECU. It's as easy as installing an after-market accessory!

  • Master File Writing

    All our files are developed in house on a 3000bhp four wheel drive rolling road and each map is custom to the car being tuned, as each vehicle is different depending on the vehicle's age, mileage and any modifications. Hotchkiss Performance take all this into consideration when remapping a vehicle and never tune beyond what the vehicle is capable of.

  • Performance Parts

    Hotchkiss Performance can supply a wide range of products for both Automotive and motorcycle applications, please browse through our website and take a look at all the different parts and accessories we have available for your vehicle…